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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Haunt Tour 2012

Kingwood Asylum - Kingwood Texas

This haunt offers a family friendly hour each night where the scares are turned way down.  I skipped the family friendly hour and went for the full scary version.    I enjoyed the haunt but it was small.  The first two visitors were coming out the exit before the fourth group was admitted.  The interior portion of the haunt had good detail and made good use of the commercially available haunted asylum videos.  It was fun to see the classic flying crank ghost at one point during the tour.  In an effort to expand the experience they use and outside area for a graveyard scene.   It felt like tombstones on the front yard rather than a graveyard.   Use of fog and lighting would have gone a long way.  And love it or hate it the last scare was chasing patrons out with a chainsaw.

Full price admission was $20.   Take advantage of coupons or the discount for a food donation to get full value for your money.


  1. I am the lady who sold you your ticket and the social media director for both Kingwood Asylum and Haunt Force(our sfx and prop company). I remember you. You flew in from California and we were first on your list. Thank you for visiting. Next year if you come again you may want to go through both. It gives you the opportunity to see all the blood, sweat and tears we put in to this temporary building in just under 5 months and all the skills we so loving teach our young volunteers. Which include building, prop setting, scenic design, theatrical lighting, costuming and makeup. This is our 2nd year in operation as a professional haunt. We hope to have a permanent location by next year. I do apologize that the night you went through the fog machine was not operational. Please do visit us again. We look forward to scaring you again.

    1. Thanks for your kind offer! I'd love a chance to visit both. Best Wishes

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